• Utility Models
  • Industrial Designs
  • Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits

What can I register as a Patent?

Patent protection may be sought for any invention such as products, processes, or uses of human creation that allow the transformation of matter or energy that exists in nature for use by man and that satisfy his specific needs, as long as they comply with the following requirements:

Patentability requirements.

  • Novelty: Anything that is not to be found in the state of the art, that is to say, in the body of technical knowledge that has been made public by oral or written description, by exploitation or by any other means, is considered new.
  • Inventive activity: Creative process, which is not apparent to a person skilled in the art from the state of the art.
  • Industrial Application: The possibility of producing or using it in any branch of economic activity..


Duration (20 years)

Utility Models

Duration (10 years)

  • Utensils, Apparatus, or Tools that have been modified in arrangement, configuration, structure, or form and present a different function or advantages in terms of utility.
  • Requirements:
    • Novelty
    • Industrial Application

Industrial Designs

Duration (15 years)

Only aesthetic or ornamental aspects of a product.

Industrial Designs comprise:

  • Industrial Sketches are any combinations of figures, lines, or colours that are incorporated into an industrial product for ornamental purposes and which give it a peculiar and distinctive appearance.
  • Industrial Models are any three-dimensional shape that serves as a type or pattern for the manufacture of an industrial product, giving it a special appearance as long as it does not involve technical effects.


Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits

Validity (10 years)

  • The name or title of the schematic shall be brief and shall be sufficient to denote the nature of the schematic.

Exploitation of Patents

  • Intellectual protection prevents others from making commercial use of the invention without permission.
  • It is necessary to make it available for public use so that others can learn from it.
  • The inventor can authorise others to use it, as long as royalties are paid.

What should we do?

  1. Patent generation
  2. Modernisation of sectors
  3. Development of available technology.


Distinctive signs


Duration (10 years, renewable for equal periods)
A trademark is any visible sign used to distinguish and individualise a product or service from others of the same class or kind.
Trademarks are classified as follows:

  • Nominative trademarks
  • Unnamed trademarks
  • Three-dimensional trademarks
  • Mixed Marks
  • Collective Marks

Term (10 years, renewable for equal periods)
It is the visible sign that distinguishes in the market the products and services of associations, societies of producers, manufacturers, traders or service providers, legally constituted, regarding the products or services of third parties..

Commercial Notice

 (10 years, renewable for equal periods)

A commercial advertisement is a phrase, statement, expression, or sentence whose purpose is to announce, make known or make known to the consumer public the existence of products or services in the market or the presence of establishments, commercial, industrial or service negotiations, to distinguish them from those of the same kind.
In short, it is what is known as a slogan or advertising slogan:
"A que no puedes comer sólo una".
"Soy totalmente Palacio".
"Con el cariño de siempre".

Trade Name

Duration (10 years, renewable for equal periods).

It is the name given to an establishment (whether industrial, commercial, or service), a business or a trade. It and the right to its exclusive use are protected, without the need for registration. Publication establishes the presumption of good faith in the adoption and use of the trade name, face-to-face with third parties.

The protection only covers the geographical area of the actual clientele of your company.
Abarrotes El Zorro
Estética Sacapuntas
Taller Mecánico El Amigo
Pozolería El Cerdito Feliz

Denomination of Origin

The name of a geographical region of the country that serves to designate a product originating from that region and whose quality or characteristics are due exclusively to the geographical environment, including natural and human factors.
Property of the Mexican State.