At UPAEP, researchers drive the constant search for truth and innovation in various disciplines. Their work goes beyond the acquisition of data; they are forgers of currents of thought that enrich our vision of the world. The importance of their enquiries is reflected in their academic contributions and also in the impact they generate in the integral formation of our students and in the solution of contemporary challenges. The sapiential production of the UPAEP results from a collective commitment to academic excellence and the constant search for answers to the most transcendental questions of our society.


Descubre las experiencias de nuestras investigadoras.

Dra. Zaida Nelly Juárez Investigadora UPAEP

Dra. Judith Cavazos Arroyo Investigadora UPAEP

Dra. Martha Leticia Gaeta González Investigadora UPAEP

Alitzel Benitez García Estudiante UPAEP

Dra. Nayeli Huidobro González Investigadora UPAEP

María Fernanda Espinosa Carrillo Estudiante UPAEP

Dra. Fabiola Carolina Espinosa Gómez Investigadora UPAEP

Dra. Virginia Sedeño Monge Investigadora UPAEP

Dra. Argelia Fabiola Miranda Pérez Investigadora UPAEP

Research at UPAEP

The Vice Presidency for Research at UPAEP is committed to consolidating a nucleus of Catholic thinkers who, through articulating faith and reason, create ‘currents of thought’ that attend a) to the deep concerns of the hearts of those who seek meaning in their lives; b) to the contemporary cultural challenges that demand courage and creativity of dialogical intellectuals; c) to the integration of knowledge in a socially relevant interdisciplinary.


Research groups coordinate to explore and disseminate relevant facts in various areas of human knowledge through congresses, seminars, publications and mass media.


Se invita a profesores y estudiantes a las reuniones donde los cuerpos colegiados darán a conocer sus objetivos y líneas de investigación, colaboradores, proyectos y avances.


Consult the online catalogue of the publications of the Fondo Editorial UPAEP, as well as the guidelines for the submission of material for printed or digital publications.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property concerns creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.

Research Training

Students are encouraged to participate in research projects that can further their professional or scientific training, whether carried out by professors or in isolation with advice.