We are a university publishing house, founded in accordance with the guiding principles of our house of studies, the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla.We are part of the Vice-Rectory of Research of the UPAEP.We have a general editor, an editorial board and a team ready to offer the highest quality in our books.


To disseminate knowledge and research, spiritual, cultural and artistic production that contributes to the development of our university community.To produce and communicate physical and electronic books with high-quality standards, and to insert them in circulation spaces, to contribute to the prestige of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla.


To become a consolidated publishing house, working under efficient processes and of the highest quality.To disseminate research and creation, support teaching, and promote scientific dissemination generated by and for our community.To acquire a strong social presence, to be a reference imprint in the State of Puebla and at the national level.


The following collections, in accordance with its institutional identity, summarise its contents, intentions and audiences


Viñeta Libro Catholic classics from all eras.
Viñeta Lupa To disseminate the most important literary works of Catholicism.
Viñeta Libro General public who wish to delve into Catholic culture, spirituality and tradition.


Viñeta Libro Historical, social, political and economic reflection and dissemination.
Viñeta Lupa Generate innovative readings that confront social life.
Viñeta Libro A general public that questions present and past problems and the way they shape our lives.

New Life

Viñeta Libro Philosophical, theological, spiritual, educational, psychological and family reflection.
Viñeta Lupa To generate new discussions.
Viñeta Libro General public who wish to obtain solid alternatives to life's problems and challenges.


Viñeta Libro Scientific and technological dissemination.
Viñeta Lupa Communicating scientific and technological principles on topics of common interest.
Viñeta Libro General and academic audiences who wish to understand the direction and role that science and technology are taking in their society.


Viñeta Libro Textbooks, manuals, courses.
Viñeta Lupa Merging research with teaching practice and training.
Viñeta Libro Students and teachers learning and teaching at all levels of education.


Viñeta Libro Commemorative books.
Viñeta Lupa Delve into celebrations, works, memories and biographies relevant to our society.
Viñeta Libro Families, institutions, and companies who wish to share and extend their legacy.


Viñeta Libro Painting, architecture, design, film, animation and digital art.
Viñeta LupaTo approach, analyse and put into context the artistic reality of all periods.
Viñeta Libro General and academic public that explores artwith a critical sense and enjoyment.


Viñeta Libro Texts of contemporary literary creation.
Viñeta Lupa To disseminate new works in Spanish or in translation.
Viñeta Libro General and academic audiences looking for new literary proposals.


Viñeta Libro Research-derived monographs.
Viñeta Lupa Turning the circulation of knowledge and intellectual freedom on its head.
Viñeta Libro Students, teachers and researchers looking forimmediate and free access to knowledge.


Viñeta Libro Proceedings, symposiums, memoirs, congresses
Viñeta Lupa To disseminate the knowledge generated in situ in our institution.
Viñeta Libro Researchers, teachers and students who wish to know the state of the art and the lively discussion of the disciplines addressed.