Please let us know your proposal.

Editorial UPAEP is looking to reach a new audience and, to do so, it needs intelligent, stimulating and rigorous books.

Create a document following the simple steps below and start the process of publishing your book.

  1. Check out our collections:
    1. Locate which one your book fits in.
  2. Describe your book:
    1. Detail your book in no more than 500 words.
    2. Explain its purpose and what makes it special.
    3. Include the relevant themes, discussions, and contributions of your book to the academic or artistic world, and its relationship to it.
  3. Propose a table of contents:
    1. Include a table of contents for the text and describe, briefly, each part and chapter (if applicable).
  4. Word count:
    1. Estimate the total number of words, including main text, footnotes, bibliography, glossaries, transcriptions, mathematical operations and appendices.
  5. Figures and artwork:
    1. How many images (photographs, art, illustration) or figures (tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, etc) are included in your book?
  6. Potential readers:
    1. Explain who your book is aimed at: 
      1. Subject-matter experts (area of expertise, impact).
      2. Students (courses, level of preparation, previous knowledge, pedagogical or content relevance).
      3. General readers (the relevance of the text to the public).
  7. About your book:
    1. Specify the level of progress.
    2. If you are using copyrighted material, indicate what percentage and whether you have initiated the corresponding rights processes.
    3. If your book is derived from a thesis or previous work, please let us know the substantial differences between this proposal and the previous work. 
  8. Send:
    1. Attach your CV and a sample chapter to the proposal to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.